over 28 years

BankCardLaw is a premiere provider of customized electronic payments services, legal services, compliance & government affairs consulting. 

Since 1994, BankCardLaw has represented nascent and established businesses in a wide range of critical electronic payments matters.

Tony Ogden is the principal and chief counsel who founded The Law Offices of Anthony L. Ogden and BankCardLaw. He offers clients a wealth of experience including more than 28 years of professional services dedicated to handling electronic payments cases, terminated merchant file or TMF MATCH cases and emergency management of distressed merchant accounts. He combines years of government affairs experience in Washington, DC with extensive electronic payments experience & relationships to pursue results for BankCardLaw clients.


The Start-1994

Launched Beverly Hills Law Practice, began providing electronic payments legal services to businesses, first successful Terminate Merchant File TMF MATCH Deletion.

Attorney to the Rescue-1999

Law Practice increased electronic payments representations, built strategic relationships with card brands, banks, processors and merchant sales organizations.

Wrote the Book on Merchant Accounts!-2004

BankCardLaw wrote the definitive book on merchant accounts, “What Every Business Should Know About Accepting Credit Cards”

BankCardLaw Goes to Washington-2009

BankCardLaw relocates to Washington, DC to enrich electronic payments legal service offerings in the Nation’s Capitol.

Capitol Growth-2011

Legislative Counsel Service on Capitol Hill, Government Affairs Consulting & Government Relations Committee Memberships open new doors to greater electronic payments client offerings.

Return to Beverly Hills-2016

Back to Beverly Hills to offer clients powerful connections to Washington, DC combined with the cutting edge electronic payment developments of California.