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BankCardLaw means experience! BankCardLaw has the right kind of experience to pursue results in electronic payments cases. BankCardLaw is a premiere provider of customized electronic payments legal services. Since 1994, BankCardLaw has built relationships and achieved business – saving results in electronic payments and merchant credit card account matters. When your electronic payments acceptance is at – risk and the life of your business hangs in the balance, experience matters, relationships matter.



The Start-1994

Launched Beverly Hills Law Practice, began providing electronic payments legal services to businesses, first successful Terminate Merchant File TMF MATCH Deletion.

Attorney to the Rescue-1999

Law Practice increased electronic payments representations, built strategic relationships with card brands, banks, processors and merchant sales organizations.

Wrote the Book on Merchant Accounts!-2004

BankCardLaw wrote the definitive book on merchant accounts, “What Every Business Should Know About Accepting Credit Cards”

BankCardLaw Goes to Washington-2009

BankCardLaw relocates to Washington, DC to enrich electronic payments legal service offerings in the Nation’s Capitol.

Capitol Growth-2011

Legislative Counsel Service on Capitol Hill, Government Affairs Consulting & Government Relations Committee Memberships open new doors to greater electronic payments client offerings.

Return to Beverly Hills-2016

Back to Beverly Hills to offer clients powerful connections to Washington, DC combined with the cutting edge electronic payment developments of California.


What is the Terminated Merchant File, TMF or MATCH?

The Terminated Merchant File or TMF is now known as MATCH. The MATCH system or Member Alert to Control High-Risk (Merchants) is a MasterCard® database of merchants and their principals whose merchant accounts were terminated for cause. Acquiring banks are risk sensitive and typically decline or terminate merchants listed on MATCH. Unless removed, MATCH listing often means business failure for the merchant.

Can a MATCH Listing be Removed?

YES. MATCH deletion is possible. While there are no guarantees, BankCardLaw has achieved deletion of MATCH listed merchants since 1994. A realistic attempt requires proficiency in electronic payments law, rules and regulations. If you are listed on MATCH, hiring experienced counsel with merchant acquiring relationships can strengthen your case for deletion.

How can I find out if I am on the MATCH File?

Contact the bank that terminated or declined your merchant account and inquire whether you are listed on the MATCH. Request the name of the listing bank, the date of listing and the MATCH reason code for the listing.

What is a High-Risk Merchant?

There are varying definitions for “high-risk merchants.” Generally, a high-risk merchant transacts business in a merchant category where loss-causing events (such as excessive chargebacks) are likely to occur.

What is are Excessive Chargebacks?

A chargeback occurs when the cardholder’s bank (issuer) reverses all or part of a card transaction back to the merchant bank (acquirer). The acquirer charges the transaction back to the merchant and holds the merchant financially responsible. Chargebacks are considered excessive when they are disproportionately high compared to card sales. The exact definition for “excessive chargebacks” varies by card brand (Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express ®). Excessive chargebacks frequently cause MATCH listing.

What are Post-Transaction Marketing and Data Pass?

“Post-Transaction Marketing” refers to a practice used by online merchants after the initial card transaction is complete. Post-transaction marketing is often used to enroll cardholders in “negative option” free trial memberships unrelated to the initial sale (cardholder must cancel after trial or card is charged automatically).  “Data Pass” refers to a practice used by initial online merchants to pass cardholder billing information to a subsequent merchant “partner” without requiring the cardholder to re-enter credit or debit card numbers.

How can BankCardLaw help Payment Service Providers?

Independent Sales Organizations (ISO) and Payment Service Providers (PSP) compete fiercely to sign merchants and build strong portfolios. In an uncertain marketplace, merchant retention is critical to receiving residual income and sustaining profitability. BankCardLaw provides services to help ISOs and PSPs achieve these goals.

Why consider Compliance & Govt Affairs Services?

Regardless of who runs the government, if you fail to comply with government regulations, ignore pending legislation and proposed rulemaking, or overlook your moment to influence policy, you could miss the solution to your problem or impair the survival of your business!

“If you don’t have a seat at the table, you are probably on the menu.”

How can Law Firms work with BankCardLaw?

Merchant level card transactions occur on a massive scale every day. However, little is commonly known about the unique collection of laws, rules and regulations that cover these electronic payments. BankCardLaw provides electronic payments consulting to law firms and accepts client referrals. Your clients are important. BankCardLaw is here to help.

Why Choose BankCardLaw?

When your electronic payments acceptance is at – risk and the life of your business hangs in the balance, experience matters, relationships matter. Who really knows how to help you? This is no time to risk using inexperienced counsel or consultants who face a steep learning curve.  BankCardLaw is experienced in managing the laws, rules, regulations and legislative nuances that determine the outcome of an electronic payments case. Experience can mean the difference between winning and losing.


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Anthony L. Ogden
Anthony L. Ogden
Founder & Principal

Tony Ogden is the principal and chief counsel who founded The Law Offices of Anthony L. Ogden and BankCardLaw in 1994. He offers clients a wealth of experience including more than 22 years of professional services dedicated to handling electronic payments cases, terminated merchant file or TMF MATCH cases and emergency management of distressed merchant accounts. He leverages his government affairs experience and extensive electronic payments relationships to pursue results for BankCardLaw clients.